Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner – For Your Health’s Sake!

The Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is essential for any home or business owner. From wall-to-wall to sectional units, carpets can easily become havens for bacteria, mold and allergens. This includes pollen and dust, along with dirt and hidden elements deep within fibers and shags. If not cleaned in a timely and professional manner, these elements can truly gain a foothold in any residential or commercial establishment. This can result in breathing and respiratory problems for loved ones and pets. In fact, excessive molds and allergens can spiral out of control and cause a number of sicknesses for family members and friends. From carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, local professionals are just a phone call or click away.


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners


Carpet and upholstery cleaners are committed to excellence in all jobs. No cleaning job is ever too big or small, and they are fully certified and insured to clean a range of carpets. This includes exquisite Oriental rugs, along with lavish and elegant Persian rugs as well. Local professionals also clean upholstery furniture, curtains, and most anything fabric related. In order to secure timely results, area contractors will determine the best ways to clean all carpets and fabrics. This may include shampooing, along with steam-cleaning and especially stain removal via cleaning solvents. Traditional vacuums and rug cleaners are also used to remove dirt, dust, and debris from deep-fiber shags.


Whether for homes or businesses, there are several health benefits associated with carpet cleaning. In fact, local cleaners can restore your carpets back to their natural shine and luster. This means your carpets will once again be safe to sit down and lounge around on. Cleaners also pick up pet hair, which is notorious for causing wheezing and other respiratory problems for loved ones and guests. With years of extensive industry experience, area companies and contractors will truly meet all your carpet cleaning needs within time and budget. They also offer free estimates and complimentary quotes for large homes and businesses with multiple carpeted floors.


Upholstery Cleaning Solutions


Upholstery can be difficult to clean and requires a professional touch. Area companies have the tools and expertise to effectively clean a range of fabrics and furniture. This includes love seats, along with sofas, sectionals, curtains, drapes and all fabric-based accessories. From fine linens to drapery and curtains, you can rely on area professionals to get the job done right. They also utilize innovative and cutting-edge equipment to handle all cleaning tasks. In fact, these accessories have been specifically designed to lift and remove stains, while eliminating harmful elements and even odors from upholstery furniture. If you want to restore the natural shine and vibrancy of your upholstery, area contractors and companies will truly achieve all desired results.


Carpets as Bacteria Traps


carpet-bacteriaCarpets are designed to correlate with any home or business décor. In fact, they play a pivotal part in overall interior design and style. However, most families simply love the softness of carpets — as well as domesticated pets. Sadly, carpets can become bacteria traps due to common wear and tear and erosion. These units also have to deal with coffee, tea, soda and other stains over the years as well. If not cleaned within a reasonable time, these stains can result in bacteria growth. They can even grow mold spores, which are truly harmful for all family members and loved ones. Whether from stains, excessive moisture, or just a lack of overall maintenance, carpets can easily lose their quality and durability over the years. The only way to restore carpets is by hiring experienced and dedicated cleaners. They are committed to excellence in securing the following services for all new and existing customers:


• Deep shag and fiber carpet cleaning — steam cleaning — shampooing — sweeping and dusting.

• High-power vacuums that easily suck out dirt, dust, debris, and hidden elements within carpet fibers.

• Steam-cleaning of upholstery, including linens, velvet, and all types of fabrics and materials. Professional rug cleaning; Persian, Oriental, Southwestern, and all rug and centerpiece styles and designs.

• Curtain cleaning, drapery, blinds and other accessories in the house if desired. All carpet cleaning agencies and contractors are fully certified and insured to tackle projects of all sizes.


Protect Your Carpets Today


Carpets are a long-term investment that has to be regularly cleaned and maintained. If you do not have the time to tackle intense carpet cleaning on your own, simply check the Web for your nearest carpet and upholstery cleaning company or contractor. It is also advised to review customer testimonials and industry reviews before hiring any company or firm. This will help you make a worthwhile and informed hiring decision across the board. You can also speak to family members and loved ones about referrals. In fact, this can save you money for any small or extensive cleaning job. If you love your carpets, now is the right time to have them cleaned and protected.

Teaching Your Children To Brush Their Teeth

DentistTeaching your children proper oral care at a young age is of vital importance, and starting them as young as possible can save you money on health insurance by greatly reducing their risk of cavities and other tooth and gum problems. Setting a good example is the best thing you can do to encourage proper oral care, but we know from experience that teaching your kids to properly brush their teeth is no easy task.
That’s why I’ve outlined today’s post focused on how to teach your children to brush their teeth properly. I think the best piece of advice I could give you would be to make the activity fun, instead of a chore for your children. One way you could do this is by letting them pick their own tooth brush and tooth paste, but you can get creative and come up with some really fun ideas for your children.
Although brushing and flossing are of vital importance to your children’s oral hygiene, it does not replace the need to go to the dentist. If you haven’t been in a while, I suggest you seek a dentist that is focused on family dentistry, making your dentist visits as efficient as possible.
Here are the things to focus on when teaching your children to brush:

  •  Use a small amount of toothpaste, and never swallow it
  •  Hold your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle
  •  Move the brush back and forth gently, over all surfaces of your teeth
  •  Brush every tooth, every time
  •  Gently brush the gum line around your teeth for proper gum care
  • Brush for 2 minutes, every time

Outlining these simple steps for your children are sure to give them something to think about every time they go to brush their teeth, but this is just the start of proper oral care. Persistence is the key to teaching your children the importance of oral care, and the earlier they know this, the better off their health will be.

Essential Questions For Prospective Home Care Providers

Essential Questions For Prospective Home Care Aides

When parents reach a certain age, their children begin to worry about leaving them home alone. I know I do, and my parents live 1500 miles away in Colorado. This is especially true when one or both of your parents has an ongoing health concern like Alzheimer’s or diabetes. Whether your parent is still quite independent, or needs a little help, you may be wondering which form of home care is right for your family.

Let’s consider the two primary home care options as well as the pros and cons of each:

Privately-Hired Home Care

When you hire an individual instead of a company, you often get a personal touch with a whole lot of heart. Sometimes, however, the pool of assistants to hire from can be quite slim – even in a medium-sized town like Lakewood CO. A small pool makes it a lot more difficult to meet a parent’s particular needs, and that may make hiring privately a bit difficult.

You also must consider what is most important to you: qualifications or job experience. Many privately-hired home care assistants have years and years of experience without the certificate to show for it. This is not always a bad thing though. If the personalities fit, and you feel comfortable with the experience they bring to the table, a private hire can be a perfect fit.

Hiring privately does have one definite con: You are responsible for payroll and tax issues. This can be a giant headache for those who have never had to deal with this – and an even bigger headache if there are any auditing issues. That said, a tax expert can help you with this issue and point you in the right direction.

Company-Hired Home Care

When you opt for a company to provide home care, you should have more providers to choose from. This makes your hiring pool larger and your options more numerous. (I ended up opting for a company that employs seniors to provide home care.) On the downside, you may not always get the same caregiver day after day. However, this can be a perk if you consider that there will always be someone available in case your assistant can’t provide care that day.

Home care companies are also extremely selective of who they hire. This means that most will have nursing degrees that make for accurate monitoring and know-how in an emergency situation. This is good for your parent’s health as well as your own, when you consider the reduced stress and worry you’ll face. Caregivers are also given a background check upon hiring to ensure that each one is ethical, honest, and experienced.

As you strive to make the right decisions for your parent, remember that needing a little help to care for a parent is not anything to be ashamed of. It is a sign of strength, honor and love to admit when you or your parent needs a little more help than you can give. In the long term it will provide both of you with the peace of mind, happiness and sense of community that you deserve.

Dealing With IVF Stress

fertility test

fertilitySo you’ve been trying to have a baby for quite some time now, making sure to time your ovulation and keeping a tightly knit healthy meal plan between you and your partner. Your avoiding all caffeine, excessive salt, excessive sugar, and balancing out your vitamins and minerals. Six months have passed by and you are both getting worried that something may be wrong. You then both set an appointment up with the doctor and when you hear the news that there may be an infertility issue, your jaws drop. Many people all over experience this problem every day and lucky for your there is a lot of help out in the Phoenix, AZ area. When couples are faced with fertility problems, their best solution is to visit a reliable infertility treatment center that can figure out the problem at the root. One great infertility clinic that is always there to help is IVF Phoenix. They have been around for many years and their infertility doctors are experts in their trade.

Knowing that your body can’t conceive can be very stressful in itself but actually going through an In Vitro Fertilization procedure to conceive can bare even more stress down on both of your lives. This process can take a while and even when it’s complete, it doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome. To help you through this stressful time, I have decided to provide everyone with help tips to get yourselves through.

During this process, many have complained about becoming depressed, anxious, angry, and some even hold feelings of isolation. Common side effects include loss of sleep and appetite which is very important to have if you’re trying to maintain a successful In Vitro Fertilization treatment. With all of the injections, blood work, ultrasound probes, sperm analyzation, embryo extraction, and the constant waiting, there are so many reasons to become stressed. It’s important to understand that this happens with most couples during this process and that it must be managed immediately.

It’s important to manage this stress because the stress itself can reduce the percentage of conceiving. Your infertility treatment center should be able to help you out with ways to dealing with this stress, but it is also helpful to talk with a psychologist that may provide more insight. One unconventional way to decrease your levels of stress is to participate in an acupuncture therapy program or a routine body message. Reducing alcohol and drug use should be obvious solutions to reducing stress, not to mention improving your health in general. You can also practice relaxation methods like meditation, breathing exercises, and muscle relation.

Make sure to talk openly with your infertility doctor and always keep your stress levels as low as possible. If you feel you are experiencing high levels of depression then make sure to seek help immediately. There are many people out there that can help.

Keeping Your Children Healthy

daycare in Aurora IL | child care | Naperville | kids hula -hoopingKeeping children healthy is a big deal and sometimes can be very difficult. I have owned my own daycare in Aurora IL for some time now and I would like to share some tips and facts that I have learned along the way. I want to start off first by saying that I am not a doctor but I do have lots of experience with children. I have taken care of over a hundred or so kids in my line of work and I loved every minute of it.

The first thing I want to address is the importance of a well-balanced diet.  It is important that our young ones get the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. One great tip I’ve come away with from working with many nutritionists is to try and incorporate all the colors of the rainbow in your diet and make sure to cycle through all your foods. Try not to eat too much of one thing. Make sure to cut out any excessive sugars and salts and stimulants like caffeine. There are many fun television shows out there that can introduce the kids to new healthy foods that will benefit their lifestyle. It is also very important to stay hydrated. I make sure all of my children at my daycare drink the right amount of water to help their body function like normal.

The next step is to get their little bodies moving. Routine exercise should be an important part of everyone’s lives and should be introduced at a young age. At Creative World School daycare we make sure to provide fun ways to promote good health and exercise. With the increase of obesity and the online lifestyle, many kids are reliant to stay active. It’s our job to push these little guys to run, crawl, climb, jump, and play as much as possible. At first you should try many activities and then circle around a few that they like the most. If they are having fun then they will be more apt to continuing this trend in the future. I have list some games that many children love and you may already be familiar with:

  • Hitting the Jungle Gym
  • Hula Hooping
  • Races
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Jump Rope
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Tickle Tag
  • Hopscotch
  • Wheelbarrow Races
  • Crab and Bear walk races
  • Obstacle Course
  • Dance Parties!!

Our activity plan is constantly changing at our child care, as it should be, and with that change we begin to understand what works and doesn’t work. Make sure to try out a lot and use what works. If you need more assistance make sure to get in touch with your general family doctor and your nutritionist.

Caring for my Stubborn Mother

Me and my momPeople who know me well say that I’m stubborn and strong-willed. I’m an independent woman who will only ask for help as a last resort, after I’ve exhausted all alternatives. I get all of that from my mother. My Dad used to always tell me this story: When he had first met my Mom, he had immediately fallen for her confident personality. Stubborn as she was though, she would not give into his pursuit, avoiding him by telling him things like she couldn’t go out to dinner that night because she had to wash her hair. Eventually they got together – but she had to be the one to ask him out on a date! I’ve always admired my Mom for being so bold and resolute.

After my father passed away several years ago from cancer, my mother has slowly been losing that strong-willed nature of hers. As she gets older, she’s had to get accustomed to the idea that she has to depend on others for some things. That’s not to say that she isn’t stubborn and won’t grumble about it the entire time! Once a week, my husband and I drive down to Charlotte and spend the day with her. We’ll clean up around the house, help her out with laundry, and cook a week or so’s worth of meals for her so she doesn’t have to worry too much – and so we know that she’s eating healthy (she’s got a strong-willed sweet tooth as well!).

But now that our two sons are both in high school, both athletes, we have to be there to drive them to and from soccer, football, and baseball practice. We
have to make sure that they have plenty of dinner to come home to when they’re finished up around 10:00 at night. And with me now working occasional night shifts at the hospital, making sure my mother is getting the attention and care she needs has gotten difficult. So on my last visit I asked her how she would feel about moving into a senior care facility. She said to me, “You’re trying to put me into a HOME? You can’t get rid of me!” So that was a no. But then I had an idea for a compromise. Through a friend in a similar situation, I heard of Seniors Helping Seniors. They provide elder care in Mooresville for seniors, by seniors. I thought that maybe my Mom would rather have someone she could relate to and talk to helping her out each week, than a younger person who might treat her like she’s just old and senile. After a little resistance, she agreed that it would in fact be a great help to her to have someone come by and help out with chores and grocery shopping. Her new helper is coming next week, and next time I make the trip to visit Mom, I’ll have the time to take her out for coffee and maybe to the art museum instead of cleaning up all day!

Breaking My Wrist

About a month ago, I fell down the stairs. I had just finished doing laundry upstairs and was carrying a large basket of clean clothes which blocked my view. I missed one of the steps and went tumbling down. I was lucky that I didn’t fall head first – I could have sustained a life-threatening head injury. But I did manage to break my fall with my hand, shattering several small bones in my wrist. I heard my wrist make a crunch sound and I could tell (and feel!) that this wasn’t good. I looked down, and sure enough, my hand and wrist were bent in an S-shape. It hurt to try and move my hand around, so I had my husband drive me to the hospital. In the emergency room, they put me in a cast, gave me a couple painkillers, and sent me on my way.

A week lateScaphoid Fracturer, my hand and wrist were still hurting so bad that I couldn’t get to sleep at night. I knew that I needed the help of an experienced, reputable orthopedic doctor. With my husband manning the mouse and keyboard, we did some research on local orthopedic doctors specializing in hand and wrist injuries. That’s when we came across http://www.drsanjaydesai.com, Dr. Desai’s website. We looked up the various types of hand and wrist fractures, and saw that maybe what was wrong was what’s called a “scaphoid fracture.” The scaphoid is a small bone in the wrist with its own blood supply which makes it very slow to heal.

I visited Dr. Desai’s office in Richmond, and we were right – scaphoid fracture. Luckily, the doctor said that the fracture could easily be treated with a simple, minimally invasive surgery. We scheduled the date for surgery, and I was in and out of the doctor’s office in no time. Just a week after having the surgery, my wrist is slowly beginning to feel better. It took me some time, but look, I was even able to write this blog post!

How I Keep my Home Green and Healthy with Chem-Dry

before and after cleaningI have always liked to keep a clean and healthy home whenever possible. When my house is messy im more stressed out, cant find things I need and simply don’t enjoy spending my time there as much. For the most part I do all my own cleaning and organizing but when it comes to my carpets (and rugs) I hire help. I used to own one of those cleaners you can buy in target but I just didn’t trust it to be powerful enough to get even half the dirt up. Plus it puts down so much moisture I was afraid they would damage my wood floors underneath. After many tries I finally decided to just get rid of the store bought cleaner it and hire a professional next time.

After some research I found Chem-Dry of Duval and started to think a little differently about carpet cleaning after reading over their site. Their slogan is “Dryer. Cleaner. Healthier” and they had a lot of good information on how they get an extremely high level of clean without saturating the carpeting or using any unnatural chemicals. Im sure glad I didn’t overlook them as one might mistakenly think the word “chem” in their name meant they would use chemicals. Either way Im glad I found this service as im about to talk more about.

The first time I used Chem-Dry I had them clean the rug in my living room and the wall to wall carpets upstairs including the staircase. I was extremely pleased with the level of detail they took with every step of the process, they moved some furniture for me to better clean the spots under it and pre-vacuumed with an industrial vacuum before they even started the deep cleaning. I was surprised to see my carpeting 3 shades or so lighter by the time they left. I will definitely be calling Chem-Dry back to my home soon because my living room furniture could use their upholstery cleaning process.

With much cleaner carpets, I can continue my own cleaning knowing my floors are taken care of.

Healthy Holiday Foods for Your Dog

As the owner of a just-slightly-overweight dog, I know how hard it is to say no when your little buddy wants a taste of whatever it is that you’re eating. That’s especially true this time of year, during the holiday season. After all, your dog is part of your family. And you want to include your dog in the festivities, and all of the wonderful holiday food that comes with them.

So here’s the question: What are some things you can feed your dog that are actually good for him? Last week, when I brought my dog in for a general exam, I asked my veterinarian at Short Pump Animal Hospital. I did a little extra reading, and I found some good, healthy ideas.

Vegetables are one good option. A lot of holiday tables feature vegetable trays with healthy options like carrots, broccoli, and celery. While a baby carrot stick is no substitute for a plate full of turkey, your dog is bound to like the crunch. Be sure to hold off on the vegetable dip, as it doesn’t take much of it to exceed a small dog’s calorie needs for the entire day.

Fruits are also a good option, though you have to be more careful with them. Grapes – a fruit commonly found on holiday trays – contain seeds that are harmful to dogs. Apple seeds are also very bad for dogs; be sure your dog doesn’t receive any seeds and especially not the core. Thankfully, two other popular holiday tray items – strawberries and pineapple – are much loved by dogs and are great for them, too.

Cheese trays – another holiday staple – offer another potentially good option for dogs. Because cheeses are high in fat, you won’t want to share too many cheese cubes. If possible, you should opt for reduced-fat cheeses. If your dog is not used to eating cheese, be sure to introduce him to it with a very small portion; some dogs are lactose-intolerant, and cheese may prompt them to become gassy – or worse.

If you’ve got a turkey on your holiday table, you’ve got something good to share with your dog. White turkey meat is lean and is generally healthy for your dog – provided that you remove any fatty skin before you give it to him. If your dog has not tried turkey before, give him a small portion to start as some dogs are allergic to it.

In general, you’re going to want to avoid sharing foods that are high in salt or fat; that means no butter and no gravy. And because this is the holiday season, your plate is liable to be filled with things that are not healthy for your dog. One way to get around this obstacle is to brighten your dog’s holiday diet with some other, healthier people foods he may not normally get to enjoy.

Some great options include peanut butter, cottage cheese, eggs, and yogurt. Green beans are a great option, too, but you’ll want to share only those that are unsalted; green bean casserole – another holiday staple – is likely to contain onions, mushrooms, and salt, so this is a dish your dog will need to avoid.

Whatever you elect to give to your dog, you’ll want to give in moderation. It’s okay to supplement your dog’s regular diet with a little holiday fare, but not a good idea to alter any diet too much or too quickly. If you limit your dog’s holiday fare to a few of the healthy treats mentioned above, in moderation, both you and your dog are bound to have a happier, healthier holiday season.

The Scoop on Dog Poop: Why You Should Remove It More Quickly

If you’re like me, and most everyone else for that matter, the less time you spend thinking about dog poop, the better. But when my new puppy – as much as it pains me to say it – incorporated poop into his diet, I felt compelled to do a little reading. And after reading, I felt compelled to be a lot more diligent and timely when it comes to removing the pet waste from my yard. You just might, too.

As it turns out, pet waste can transmit a wide range of viruses, worms, parasites, and harmful bacteria to both people and pets. Some of these diseases, like a dog’s parvovirus, won’t infect us. But many diseases that we associate with dogs, such as hookworms or roundworms, can easily be passed to us; so can threats like salmonella or E. coli.

The earlier we capture and remove pet waste, the better. Prompt removal limits the opportunity to step in it, handle it, or otherwise come in contact with it; it limits the ability of the worms, parasites, and bacteria to make their way into the soil where they can continue to live after the waste has been removed; it also limits the chances for a still-impressionable puppy to develop an unfortunate taste for poop.

Say you’re convinced that you need to remove pet waste from your yard more often than you do now; for many of us, that task is easier said than done. After a long day at the office, my time is precious. That – and I have a new puppy that needs attention, training, and love. The last thing I want to do is spend potential quality time wandering the yard with a flashlight, looking for poop to scoop. I started looking for something or someone to help.

Help arrived in the form of DoodyCalls – a service that collects and removes pet waste from your yard. One of their technicians drops by twice a week to carefully check the yard, scoop up the poop, and take it far, far away. I love the idea that all of those potential diseases that I read about are being taken to where they can do no harm.

I also love that there is a lot less poop to tempt my dog into a bad dietary habit that might stay with him after he grows up. Every day, I watch him carefully when he is near the rose bushes, boxwoods, and other places where he likes to relieve himself. And it’s been weeks since I’ve seen him show an unwelcome interest in his poop.

My little dog still eats things he shouldn’t – or he would if I let him. But it’s nice to know that there’s one less thing on his menu, and one less thing that could possibly cause him harm.